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Our third investment cycle completed

Three is considered a lucky, magical number. It became lucky indeed for 7,750 our members and partners who together with us have successfully completed the third investment cycle, earning between them more than 150,000 USD. It's nice to watch the total earnings figure grow noticeably from one cycle to the next!

Dear friends, thank you for being with us! Thank you for your investments that make possible the continuing development of the COIN TRANSFER project! Thank you for your referrals that bring to us up to 50% of all new members!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Two months online!

Two months have flown as a single day since the COIN TRANSFER project went live on the Internet - and today we invite our users to celebrate with us this once small milestone in the development of the system, which becomes ever more convenient and feature-rich.

The system's functionality is currently available in 4 of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Our website supports 5 different payment systems. Customer support is provided via 4 communication channels including e-mail, feedback forms, online consultant, and telephone.

But we are far from having reached our limit. We like to think we are just testing out our true capabilities. We are growing fast, to the satisfaction of our members and partners, and are happy to see their numbers grow as well.

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Added: Spanish version of the website for our customers!

¡Hola amigos! ¿Cómo te va? As recently promised, we have implemented the Spanish language on our website. The COIN TRANSFER system is now available in yet another world language. According to statistics, millions of people around the globe are planning to start learning Spanish next week - and we speak it already! So if you prefer to communicate in this beautiful Romance language - ¡bienvenido! Welcome to the Spanish version of the COIN TRANSFER system!

On another happy note: we are glad to report that the total number of the project participants and partners has passed the 6900 mark! We are growing by the day.

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Customer support now available via phone!

Cold, cold... warmer... warmer still... Hot! We have opened a hotline where our customer service reps (08:00am - 12:00pm GMT) are ready to provide detailed answers to any and all questions you might have. They will gladly give you instructions and helpful tips on using the system and generally make every effort to make sure that your experience with COIN TRANSFER is pleasant and productive.

Please don't hesitate to call! We appreciate your interest in our program and will happily answer absolutely every inquiry related to our system. More than that, your feedback always gives us food for thought on how to make our website even easier and more convenient to use and how to serve you better in general. So ask away! We need to hear from you!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Added: the NIX MONEY payment system!

Another great step to the total convenience of our users! We have just integrated with our website the NIX MONEY payment system - a powerful service with a transaction server capable of handling funds transfer within 0.4 seconds - that's what we humans usually mean when we say "instant". And it's always nice to hear.

Granted, the sound of messages that notify our users of incoming funds is even nicer. And remember, you need to open an account in the COIN TRANSFER system only once in order to be able to check the funds availability at any time you like - we recommend you do it once a day so each time you experience positive emotions by watching the total amount steadily increasing!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


We have translated our website into Chinese!

Ni hao ma? We can now switch to Chinese, thanks to the newly added version of our website in this language. If the statistics are true and every fourth person on the planet is a Chinese speaker, then we have just made COIN TRANSFER system accessible to a quarter of the world's population.

Looks like the number of our users is going to grow exponentially - and at cosmic speeds.

Meanwhile we keep working on more exciting features for our participants and partners and are always ready to answer your questions and hear your suggestions via all feedback channels of the COIN TRANSFER system! By the way, our community is 4500 members and counting. If you aren't yet with us, this is a great time to join!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Added: Perfect Money support!

We stay true to our word and have just fulfilled yet another promise. From now on, the COIN TRANSFER platform supports Perfect Money. Test transactions have been successful, and this new option is now available to all participants.

If you have used Perfect Money before, the withdrawal of funds from your COIN TRANSFER account must be a familiar procedure to you. Otherwise, if you have any questions or have no experience with Perfect Money, our technical support representatives will be ready to assist you via e-mail, website feedback form, or online support channel.

And, of course, we'd never stop at that and rest on our achievements! Support for other payment systems is coming soon, and with it your COIN TRANSFER experience will be even more productive!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


We created a landing page for our most active affiliates!

The New Year brings new enjoyable tasks for our team to work on - and good news for you. We continue to grow and help you grow with us. Now we have created a landing page - a special tool that enables you to invite more new participants and affiliates quickly and easily, potentially increasing your income many times!

Just to remind you, a landing page is basically a web page specially designed for marketing and promotion. Now all you need to do is simply provide your friends with a hyperlink that points to your LP, and we will take care of the rest. Giving a boost to your earnings has never been easier!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Online customer support now available!

It had to happen, and it did! From now on, online support service is available to our customers through the COIN TRANSFER website. We appreciate your feedback and hope to identify, with your help, any interface bugs and other possible shortcomings that make using our system difficult. The sooner we find them, the shorter time it'll take us to improve the system. Also, the new service makes it easier for you, the customer, to quickly figure out how to use COIN TRANSFER and start working with it, so that in 21 days your earnings will increase by at least 44.1% of the invested amount.

We will appreciate it if you share with us any suggestions or ideas you might have on how to improve our website, even if you find using it easy and convenient as is. We always appreciate your feedback!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Second investment cycle: Mission accomplished!

Our project is spinning on like a crazy wheel of fortune! Users' level of confidence in the COIN TRANSFER project surges as the astonished onlookers watch! And the participants' savings have grown by more than 44% over the 21-day period.

The total amount earned by our investors this time around reached 15000 USD . The personal record set one of our partners is 1.98 Bitcoin (1800 USD ).

Rest assured: fraudsters and criminals will never find out the name and location of the lucky winner: our security team never sleeps! All the funds earned go strictly to the accounts specified, to the last penny.

And the future promises new profit records and more payment systems added for your greater convenience!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


The ADV CASH option in rubles and dollars is here!

We continue working hard for the benefit of our participants and affiliate partners. Another payment system has been integrated with the COIN TRANSFER platform - this time, it's ADV CASH. It can be used for working with Russian rubles and US dollars. Whether you are an experienced user or an absolute beginner, you can of course count on our comprehensive support whenever necessary.

We remind you that you can ask for assistance of our support reps through the feedback form on our website, via an e-mail message!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Russian version of the program

Great news for our Russian-speaking participants and partners! From now on, our website is also available in Russian. Using COIN TRANSFER for speakers of Russian around the world just got easier and more convenient.

We continue our development and always care about our users. In the near future we are planning to roll out the Spanish version, and our international community will become even larger. The COIN TRANSFER project lives and grows. Thank you for staying with us - we appreciate your trust and do everything in our power to be worthy of it, day after day. We speak your language!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Now supporting PAYEER in rubles and dollars!

Good news for those who prefer operations with both dollars and rubles!

The COIN TRANSFER website now supports transactions with the PAYEER payment system, which works with both currencies. As always, we are ready to assist you with any questions you might have or just wish to learn the new system quickly and conveniently. And if you are already comfortable with PAYEER, you can start using it immediately. Indeed, the COIN TRANSFER community is now more than 1249 members strong, and the funds regularly accrue on each and every account in the amounts promised - or greater!

Thank you for staying with us!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Running smoothly for one month already!

We are happy to report the first month of the COIN TRANSFER system's successful operation! Over this period, 1159 new members have joined our program. The total amount of investments made so far is 21615 USD, and the total amount of payouts has reached 6251 USD. The highest payout amount to one participant is 1.41 BTC ( 1300 USD ) for one day.

To our members, let's celebrate our shared success together with your favorite drink! And if you are still considering whether to become a member, here is our advice: don't pass up the opportunity to join our ranks. Open up new horizons and make your first steps to financial success!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


The program's official video!

We have just posted the official video of the COIN TRANSFER program. Now you can easily find out all the details of our offer even if you absolutely, positively don't want to read but prefer to listen and watch instead! And if you happily read stuff, you still might want to go over the main points of our system's rules and benefits once again - by watching.

Every participant's guaranteed income is 2.1% per day and 44.1% of the invested amount in 21 days. With luck, this figure can be even higher. The COIN TRANSFER users who become our affiliate partners receive the maximum possible income. Watch the video to find out exactly how much it is and how it all works!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


We have completed our first investment cycle with resounding success!

The COIN TRANSFER team is happy to report the first small victory we share with all program participants! Without you, it would have never come to pass.

Congratulations to everyone who has been with us since the early days of the COIN TRANSFER program! Your trust and entrepreneurial spirit has been the moving force behind the successful completion of our first investment cycle. We have been working hard and, thanks to your unflagging support, were able to bring you, our investors, more than 44% of net income to a deposit. This is a great piece of news, which inspires us to reach new heights and enable you to rake in more money in the future!

We continue to work on improving our system in order to serve you better and make your dreams of financial success come true. In the near future, we are going to introduce significant improvements to the functionality of our system. Also, below you can find some recent statistics of the COIN TRANSFER program for your perusal - take a look and keep yourself in the know!


Thank you for staying with us!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear friends, participants, and partners! The COIN TRANSFER team sends you our warmest wishes for the 2016–2017 holiday season! Enjoy celebrating with your friends and loved ones!

The first days of January are a perfect time to stop for a while, look back, and recall the happiest moments of the past year as well as to set the objectives for the next twelve months. And, of course, to celebrate the new beginning well and proper, entering the new cycle with good vibes, to ensure that positive attitude and good luck will accompany you for the entire year!

We at COIN TRANSFER are once again ready to welcome you - rested and full of energy - to our program. Let's continue moving together to financial security and prosperity, which makes any holiday even brighter and more enjoyable!

Kindest regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


We begin!!!

So, we begin! Congratulate all with the launch of the project;in just 21 days we will significantly increase the amount of your savings. We are pleased to see so many new friends who join us on the recommendation of their friends, who have already obtained access to a stable source of income.

We virtually shake hands with both new and existing participants – knuckling down, we submerge in work. COIN TRANSFER users have already received the first accruals on their accounts.

Have you decided how to spend your profits yet? If not - it's time to do it. Money loves to be welcomed. Then it will reciprocate!

Sincerely, COIN TRANSFER team