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The program's official video!

We have just posted the official video of the COIN TRANSFER program. Now you can easily find out all the details of our offer even if you absolutely, positively don't want to read but prefer to listen and watch instead! And if you happily read stuff, you still might want to go over the main points of our system's rules and benefits once again - by watching.

Every participant's guaranteed income is 2.1% per day and 44.1% of the invested amount in 21 days. With luck, this figure can be even higher. The COIN TRANSFER users who become our affiliate partners receive the maximum possible income. Watch the video to find out exactly how much it is and how it all works!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


We have completed our first investment cycle with resounding success!

The COIN TRANSFER team is happy to report the first small victory we share with all program participants! Without you, it would have never come to pass.

Congratulations to everyone who has been with us since the early days of the COIN TRANSFER program! Your trust and entrepreneurial spirit has been the moving force behind the successful completion of our first investment cycle. We have been working hard and, thanks to your unflagging support, were able to bring you, our investors, more than 44% of net income to a deposit. This is a great piece of news, which inspires us to reach new heights and enable you to rake in more money in the future!

We continue to work on improving our system in order to serve you better and make your dreams of financial success come true. In the near future, we are going to introduce significant improvements to the functionality of our system. Also, below you can find some recent statistics of the COIN TRANSFER program for your perusal - take a look and keep yourself in the know!


Thank you for staying with us!

Best regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear friends, participants, and partners! The COIN TRANSFER team sends you our warmest wishes for the 2016–2017 holiday season! Enjoy celebrating with your friends and loved ones!

The first days of January are a perfect time to stop for a while, look back, and recall the happiest moments of the past year as well as to set the objectives for the next twelve months. And, of course, to celebrate the new beginning well and proper, entering the new cycle with good vibes, to ensure that positive attitude and good luck will accompany you for the entire year!

We at COIN TRANSFER are once again ready to welcome you - rested and full of energy - to our program. Let's continue moving together to financial security and prosperity, which makes any holiday even brighter and more enjoyable!

Kindest regards, the COIN TRANSFER Team


We begin!!!

So, we begin! Congratulate all with the launch of the project;in just 21 days we will significantly increase the amount of your savings. We are pleased to see so many new friends who join us on the recommendation of their friends, who have already obtained access to a stable source of income.

We virtually shake hands with both new and existing participants – knuckling down, we submerge in work. COIN TRANSFER users have already received the first accruals on their accounts.

Have you decided how to spend your profits yet? If not - it's time to do it. Money loves to be welcomed. Then it will reciprocate!

Sincerely, COIN TRANSFER team