Profiting using COIN TRANSFER – where to start??

First you need to register on the site and place a deposit –thus you will allow the investment fund to start working to increase the amount of your deposit.

What is the procedure for registering on CoinTransfer?

Lets get at least 44.1% of the profits from the amount originally invested in just 21 days.

  • Minimum deposit amount– 5 USD/ 0.01 BTC / 300 RUB
  • Minimum amount of daily accruals – 2,1% (maybe more)
  • Minimum period after which full amount can be withdrawn from the account – 21 days

The rate plan we propose allows you to receive at least 44.1% of the profits from the amount originally invested in just 21 days.
Every day you will receive at least 2.1% accruals on your deposit.
Withdrawal of the main contribution by the end of term (in 21 days).

What is the procedure for registering on COIN TRANSFER?
  1. Click “Registration”.
  2. Fill in the opened form.
  3. Study the rules and conditions of COIN TRANSFER use.
  4. Make a deposit.
  5. Start receiving interest.
Can I join COIN TRANSFER projects?

Yes, if you are a legally capable person over 18.

How to recover a forgotten password?

To automatically recover your password, use the "Forgot Password?" button located below the login and password lines. If you lose not just a password, but also login, please contact technical support and get ready to present compelling evidence that the account, which you are trying to access,is actually yours.

How to change personal data incorrectly entered at registration?

Please describe the situation in a message to technical support and ensure the information is correct. Our employee will check it and make changes.

Can I create a new account if there are problems with the first one?

Independent creation of two or more accounts in the system by COIN TRANSFER participant is fraught with ban of all created accounts. When errors occur, please, solve any questions through technical support only. We are on your side! Feel free to contact us for help.

What services can be used to withdraw money from COIN TRANSFER?

You can withdraw money from COIN TRANSFER accounts to Bitcoin, Payeer, Advanced Cash, NixMoney or PerfectMoney e-wallets, which can be registered for free at any convenient time.

What is the minimum amount of deposit and funds withdrawal in COIN TRANSFER?

You can make a deposit if there is at least 0.01 BTC/ 5 USD / 300 RUB on your COIN TRANSFER account.
Upper limit of the deposit amount is not limited.
You can withdraw money from the account after the amount exceeds 0.0001 BTC / 0.02 USD / 1 RUB .

How quickly the money withdrawn appear in the electronic purse?

COIN TRANSFER makes transfers immediately. Some delays may be caused by insufficiently operational work of the external payment services.

What are COIN TRANSFER’s internal fees?

We value each member, and therefore we do not have any internal fees or hidden commissions.

Where is my referral link?

In your personal area there is “Referral system” section, where the referral link and the statistics of your referrals’ activity is located.

Money lost on the way from COIN TRANSFER to the payment service. What do I do?

Contacting technical support will allow to determine the cause–whether payment details are incorrectly stated or there is delay on the part of the payment service. In any case, do not worry. Your money are not lost!

I have new payment details. How to change them in COIN TRANSFER system?

Please contact technical support and get ready to provide a proof that the payment details change is requested by the actual account owner.

Can I become COIN TRANSFER’s partner?

Yes. More information about the conditions of cooperation can be found here: link

I have looked through all the questions, but the one I’m looking for is not there. What do I do?

Please contact technical support –all issues will be resolved as soon as possible.