COIN TRANSFER, specializing in investment operations with electronic currencies, was created by a team of successful professionals in their chosen field, who had decided to expand the range of their capabilities by bringing in additional capital. We invite you to take advantage of our experience to multiply your savings. Our personal success and gratitude of our customers, who receive consistently high returns, strengthen us in the idea that we are on the right track.

Having achieved a stable income in collaboration with several major investors, we came to the decision to expand our portfolio by launching an on-line platform, which enabled us to attract additional funds for investment, and help you make a profit without delving into the intricacies of the process. You go about your business – and your money work for you.

6 reasons for choosing us

  1. Sufficient working capital

    Many of our customers have chosen us rather than other services, as we offer them the opportunity to withdraw large amounts in the required currency within one working day. None of the similar projects can make such a boast.

  2. Possibility to exchange a large amount in a single operation

    Equally important is the opportunity to exchange a large amount in a single transaction, with which other projects also have problems. However, we get most of our income from the exchange transactions for major on-line services. Thus, our stock of electronic currency is replenished regularly and actively, which allows us to provide you an opportunity to promptly get the required amount in the required currency.

  3. A wide range of currencies

    We work with most popular e-currencies and constantly expand their list. For example, now we are actively developing the cryptocurrency direction, which is gaining popularity. We increase the number and volume of transactions, which in turn allows us to increase profits.

  4. Promptness

    We understand that our success depends on how comfortable our service will be for our customers. Thus, we have structured COIN TRANSFER’s operation so that all operations are carried out quicker than on other similar resources. 99% of transactions on our service are made instantly: you apply for withdrawal –and after a few seconds, there is money on your electronic purse. We accept and process the requests throughout the work day and never put it off until tomorrow.

  5. Simplicity of service mastering

    Experienced users instantly master COIN TRANSFER system’s interface without any help. People who have poor user skills also quickly learn to use COIN TRANSFER for multiplying their savings with the help of our technical support, always polite and attentive to the participants’ needs.

  6. High level of transaction security

    Our team consists of specialists experienced in information security. You can be sure that your confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands as a result of the negligence of service employees or a malicious system hacking. You can also be assured of your account’s safety, provided a competent work on your part.

Coin Max

44.1% guaranteed return on the invested amount in 21 days –what do you say about such a proposal? Please note: this is a guaranteed income. With luck, this figure could be increased. There is no upper limit.

Interest of the day
21 days
Deposit term
in the project

You will quickly get comfortable in the user-friendly personal area, make a deposit and start making profits, which will greatly exceed the amount of income banks can offer you. The steady marketing mechanism we have developed is a powerful factor in our overall success.

The rate plan we propose allows you to receive at least 44.1% of the profits from the amount originally invested in just 21 days. Each day you will receive at least 2.1% accruals to your deposit.
Withdrawal of the main contribution by the end of term.

You can also become our partner and attract new users to the system, receiving 10% from the participants in the first line, 2% - from the second, and 1% - from the third.Investors with a minimum deposit of USD 500 are offered more favorable terms, namely 14%, 3%, and 1%, respectively.

Join our team and make money!